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I’ll post what’s happening, what’s happened, and what ought to happen, on this page, in reverse order – oldest news on top.

Back in February when I was making fun of a minor Ministry of Truth, I really didn’t know that we’d be courting a much more literal and powerful Ministry of Truth in May of 2022.
I’m glad that citizens shouted that down… at least for now.

Here’s the March 11 Press release rebuking Bucshon that prompted the Rob Kendall interview below (I’ll try to fix the interview link – they deleted the old recordings, apparently)

My interview on the “Rob Kendall And The Show To Be Named Later” starts at ~23:20, here:

Here’s my interview with Dr. Pingnan Shi:

We Are Libertarians interview:
or audio-only at:

I’m honored and delighted to receive an endorsement from the Young Conservatives of Southern Indiana! THANK YOU, YCSI!

Indiana NORML endorsed me too! Again, I am honored. THANK YOU, Indiana NORML!

This is a 2020 interview that’s mostly about the Indiana Constitution and Indiana Code…but it all applies (and goes double for) the federal constitution and Federal Code.

James Sceniak and I had a fun Q&A:–7S-ZRJ0

Here’s the June 10 Press Release – a Nullification Resolution.

Here’s the July 1 Press Release. I warned about inflation, and I offer solutions.

Here’s the July 4 Press Release – Taking on the “Administrative State.”

I’ll be at the Dubois County 4H Fair from 5:30p July 18, at the Libertarian Party’s booth in the Commercial Building. C’mon by to interrogate me, and get a yard sign!
(all the cool people will have one)
Then I’ll be in the Strassenfest Parade on August 7.

Here’s the July 29 Press Release. It’s my proposal for both term limits, and…(please read before you judge!)…adding a bunch more US House reps!

Here’s my 11 August Press Release. Like the growing movement in China called 退党, or tuì dǎng (“to withdraw from a political party,” or specifically today, to leave the Chinese Communist Party), I’m suggesting we do the same. It’s time to end the Two Party Puppet Show.

I know I’ll anger some with this August 19 Press Release. But we need a little more truth around here these days.

A fine game…for them. But we need to stop being played.

Here’s my response to the Republicans’ hypocritical response to Biden’s response to the Student Debt kerfuffle, which is really a response to decades of really bad, ungoverned government. August 24.

“Mouthwash” is always a fun show. A little fun silliness, a lot of really intelligent discussion. I’m one of the guests on the 30 August 2022 show.

“Minty Fresh” interview.

The September 28 press release is about our politicians’ urgent desire to destroy your life. We really need to do something about The Fed, you know.

I’ll be buying some radio time in the 8th CD’s major markets this week. I sure could use a few more bucks!

And here’s a 30-second spot to alternate with the one-minute spot above.

And here’s a 30-second video version on Facebook:
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I’m in the middle of this WNIN “News Makers” episode:

The good part is from 09:00 – 15:16 minutes.

My book,Relighting the Torchis finally published and available on Paperback now, Kindle soon, and with any interest, Audiobook later.

Many years ago I opposed term limits because limiting terms is what Election Day is for. But the power of incumbency, combined with unconstitutional rules that hamstring competitors, changed my mind. Now I strongly advocate for term limits.

There’s been precious little coverage of my district’s electoral choices this year. But here’s a piece that’s refreshingly fair to the underdog. Thank you, Nicole Krasean!