I’m running for office for three main reasons:

  1. Our culture is obviously self-destructing by the agency of two inherently divisive private organizations, operating by campaign donation strings, under an enormous, costly, anti-constitutional, global corporate and semi-secret system of corruption that depends and thrives upon conflict.  I wish I were exaggerating, but you likely know I’m not. What’s worse, though, is that I’m the only US Senate candidate actually opposing this puppet show both with my well-documented ideals, and choice to sacrifice odds to principle by being the only candidate who’s running in direct opposition to that corrupt system.
  2. US Senators were intended to be the voice of the sovereign states in a bicameral congress – One house representing the people directly (House of Representatives), and the other defending state autonomy against the encroachment of centralizing powers (Senate). We’ve not had such a bicameral house since at least 1912, and Indiana has had no defense against D.C. for generations. I’m the only guy who has any intention of fulfilling the constitutional role of US Senator for Indiana.
  3. I am the only US Senate candidate putting constitutional rule of law on the ballot as an option.  By the clear text of state and federal constitutions, our government is ungoverned, our police are unpoliced, our lawmakers are lawless (and most are unelected bureaucrats), and our justice is unjust.  We need to govern our government by clear, written law, and I’m the only one proposing we do just that – for laws that are few enough for everyone to know, simple enough for everyone to understand, and important enough for everyone that they’re applied equally to all without special classes, exceptions, provisos or cheating.

What’s needed is for us to stop playing partisan ping-pong as if yet another “Red Wave” and then “Blue Wave” and another “Red Wave” and another blue and another red…etc., etc., et cetera… will fix anything at all.

Four key facts:
1. Independents outnumber both Ds and Rs. People are turning in droves from the status quo private clubs we call the Two Party System. In a three-way race, the “Two Party System” would have already lost… if we’d only vote the way we talk.
2. But despite that turn from party loyalty in at least rhetoric and polls, most people haven’t been voting like independent thinkers, and THAT needs to CHANGE if we want anything to get better, because…
3. I’m convinced that our nation’s biggest problem is the brutal, hateful wedge the Two Party Scam has driven between us in essentially every aspect of our lives.
4. We’re inundated and surrounded by lies and liars. To sort this out, we really to start talking with people, face to face and in a sympathetic and civil manner. We need to get to know each other as people…not as (D) or (R).

I’m qualified to hold this office as the only one who’d take the oath of office literally.

This isn’t a personal attack on the other candidates, since, for generations, people have increasingly become less familiar with, and more disdainful of, our founders’ actual intent in regulating politics.  It’s only relatively recently that anybody of prominence (for example Ron Paul) ever even mentioned the constitutions.   So it’s just plain truth by the written words of the constitution, and the words and actions of the candidates, that I’m the only constitutionalist running.  It’s up to voters to decide what they want.  I’ve read every one of the USA constitutions (federal and all states), and have for decades made available my annotations to both federal and Indiana constitutions so that anyone can see my reading of those once-cherished, but never-fully-followed social covenants.  I’ve become known as both an expert on, and advocate for, constitutional rule of law for decades.  I’ve published both my defense of constitutional rule of law/design, and proposals for fixing our fundamental problems on Amazon.

My record is even more lengthy and well-documented in every form of media than the multi-term incumbent’s, and I’ve been right, over and over again, far more than I’ve been wrong.  That’s unusual in politics.  One of the worst things about today’s politics is that there’s no electoral advantage to being right, and no demerit in being continuously wrong about how things work and what we’re doing.  It doesn’t take a Cassandric gift of prophesy to read human history and see what works and what always fails.  I’ve been writing down what I’ve seen and what I propose to do about it for thirty years as an organizer, activist, advocate, candidate, former weekly columnist for the Indianapolis Star, and Adjunct Scholar with the Indiana Policy Review.

Our nation’s three main issues (and how to fix them) are:

  1. The aforementioned corruption and tribal/partisan self-immolation.  The self-appointed, unconstitutional, wholly corrupt and inherently divisive “Two Party System” that our founders warned us about, is tearing us apart.  More and more every day.  “Cancel culture,” violence and partisan contempt disgorging from increasingly cancerous US Presidential elections, are the worst in my lifetime, certainly.  The ever-more-restrictive ballot access and partisan laws that favor the mighty and crush any offering an alternative, are increasing the urgency with which we must use our votes as intended – as weapons of peaceful revolution.  We must unite against those who profit from this insane tug of war over who loses the most on every Election Day.
  2. We’ve been provoking, funding, training and arming enemies, both foreign and domestic, for too long.  We have got to stand-down our global “whack-a-mole” game and concentrate on real dangers.  We’ve ignored the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party for too long (the one thing Trump was right about).  Our culture of self-righteous violence and misunderstanding of our constitutional design is inexcusable as well as self-destructive.  We’ve put our domestic police into increasingly adversarial roles against citizens (with the incumbent’s votes, BTW) while blurring the line between military and domestic force in both weaponry and rules of engagement.  This must stop.
  3. Monetary/financial cronyism and banking/lending reform.  There’s unfortunately a rather long, complicated story about why we’re such a mess, and why this is such a terrible problem that the incumbent political parties will not, and can not, touch.

My solutions for the previous are detailed here:  But the short answer is that we must first end the monolithic rule of the obviously corrupt Two Party System if we wish any sort of rule of law.

If elected, you can count on me to do, as your public servant, what I’ve been doing for free anyway, in fact at great personal cost, for the past thirty years.  I alone on this ballot would fight for ALL of your constitutional rights, which means I alone would oppose the unregulated power of government to take your rights away.  All the preceding is what sets me apart.  I believe that Ray McCormick is a good man of good intentions.  But both of the other candidates want to expand the cost and dangerous power of our politicians to affect your life, rights and property.  Only I want to govern that power and inherent violence.


There are TWO constitutions relevant to everybody within the borders of the USA; the federal constitution, and your state’s constitution.  Please read them both.  Read my annotated USA constitution linked above and right if you’d like to see what I see in this important compact.
And if you’re in Indiana, read this one too.

What I’m proposing is detailed in writing…most of it has been for a couple hundred years. It boils down to Governing Our Government. That means not merely cutting spending, debt, agencies and programs. But more importantly, cutting and nullifying the unauthorized power that’s been trampling our rights, property, opportunity, economy, justice and liberty.

I’ve got an eight-point plan that, I hope you’ll agree, hits all the biggest problems:
1. Corruption! …and of course, Cronyism. (the “Powers That Be” and status quo candidates protect most of it, so YOU need to fix this one). We won’t get term limits without you.
2. Fiat currency/ bad money.
3. Unconstitutional/anti-constitutional, unauthorized power that’s bankrupting our nation, and hurting us all in ways both immediate and transgenerational. Nullify!
4. The “Military Industrial Complex” and the militarization and empire we were so often warned about.

But there’re many more proposals detailed at this link.

Google me, and you’ll see I’ve been a consistent advocate for constitutional rule of law under state and federal constitutions, as written and amended, as well as a proponent of peace, prosperity and security through individual liberty, free market economics, and the Golden Rule


And that makes me lot different from the other guys.

Of course I’m all about cutting spending and debt.  But that really means taking away our politicians’ unconstitutional powers to spend.

Of course I’m all-in for ALL your rights – not just selected amendments – ALL OF THEM, ALL THE TIME.  But that really means taking away our politicians’ unconstitutional powers to take them away.

If you have any questions, please ask me!

I do need to make special mention of…

It’s worse than you suspect.

Indiana’s partisan and election/ ballot access rules are among the worst in the nation.  That would be only a state-government matter, if they didn’t violate our federal constitutional rights as well.  But they do violate our federal rights, as do the corporate and campaign finance rules that grant extraordinary advantages as well as human rights to corporate abstractions, and thus compromise the rights of actual, living humans.   …And not just in electoral politics.

I wrote this several years ago, and things have only gotten worse since 2017:

I’ll need your help with this one!

​Of course, we need to attack the problem of the self-appointed, unconstitutional, inherently divisive and obviously destructive “Two Party System” from both federal and state offices.