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FAQ: I’ll post overly-detailed answers as y’all ask questions:
Why Libertarian?  (or more commonly…) 
Why NOT Republican?

This is a shockingly (and disappointingly) common question. I wish people didn’t care about political parties. But until very recently, most voters have decided their vote during the primary elections; and only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to participate in primary elections in Indiana.  But that’s because of corruption and anti-constitutional rules the two parties have written laws to protect themselves since WWII.

The simplest facts are these:

  1. Political parties are, as far as elections are concerned, just tribal labels.  I wish we didn’t have any.  But it’s impossible to run as an independent candidate in Indiana, because two of these tribes/private clubs have given themselves political power unavailable to anybody else, and the Libertarian Party is the group of people closest to my ideology and intentions.  
  2. After running as a Libertarian for a while, I ran as a Republican, and won an election!  I didn’t change anything I’d said as a Libertarian.  I was the same guy.  And I raised hardly any money compared to practically any other politician since George Washington.  I later ran again as a Libertarian in the same district, and lost just as I had before. That conclusively debunked most of what people say about politics. It’s not money, certainly. And it’s sure not ideology. It’s voters’ choice whether to vote for the person/ principles, or party. I can’t fix that. Only voters can.
  3. I’ve seen too many good people waste their energy, money and years trying to fix what (come on now…let’s admit it) cannot be fixed, and doesn’t want to be fixed.  The people who own both D and R parties are very well-able to control what happens on the stage that they’ve purchased. And voters, unfortunately, have reliably approved this with their votes.  It’s not the GOP or Democratic parties we really need to fix.  It’s our culture, economy, government, and…liberty.
  4. The self-appointed “Two Party System” is hardly about the D and R parties anymore. They’re wholly-owned puppets in a much bigger, more corrupt machine that has to go. It really does have to go. Pronto.
  5. My expectations may be low, but my hopes are very high that perhaps people are finally ready to use their votes as intended: to fire the bums, and vote the peaceful revolution that I’m betting you know we desperately (and I do mean desperately) need.
  6. Elections are NOT ABOUT CANDIDATES!! They are about voters. Voters decide when and how change happens. Voting D or R is a decision to keep the status quo.

Right to Life, or …not?

No sane person could like abortion, right? This issue is about hard choices after a mistake or a crime. …Really hard choices.

So it grieves me that this issue has become so entangled with contempt. We “Pro-Life” people attribute evil, racist, murderous intentions to “Pro-Choice” people, while “Pro-Choice” people think that the other side is heartless, thoughtless, and even cruel (at least that’s what I though when I was “Pro-Choice”). Can we just talk this through?

While I am consistently Pro Life, and have been for about thirty years (like I said…I wasn’t always), I don’t fool myself about the efficacy, or legitimacy, of most so-called “federal” bans.  The “war on drugs,” “war on poverty,” “war on terror,” and “war on crime” are good examples.  They not only don’t work as promised, they tend to make things much worse.

Of course I’m totally opposed to courts making law in violation of Article I Section I of our USA Constitution (i.e., Roe v Wade), and would work hard to limit courts’ jurisdiction – as the constitution demands.  I would support/ co-sponsor bills such as Rand and Ron Paul sponsored over the years (e.g., the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, the Protect Life Act, and the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act).

That’s more than most other “Pro Life” candidates would ever dare say, right?

However, there are laws, and then there are realities.

Constitutionally, the federal government has no authority in abortion per se (even mass-murder isn’t a federal issue unless it crosses state lines and there’s a dispute over jurisdiction…and then it’s a judicial, not legislative, case).

And pragmatically, trying to stop abortion politically may be yet another “war on drugs” monstrosity as previously mentioned, where the cure is worse than the disease.  Giving SWAT teams more reason to kick in more doors will not help.

Politics can’t fix the underlying social/moral problems any more than it can end drug abuse.  And it’s time we stop doing what costs so much, but doesn’t even work.  Right?

I admit this issue is very problematic for me, and, obviously, everybody else.  Nobody really likes abortion.

That’s why it’s such a divisive issue.
Do you have ideas on how to make adoption easier and a more attractive option; or how to actually reduce unwanted pregnancies, or make the legal cases surrounding abortion versus infant homicide more reasonable?

I’m listening!

But at present, I don’t see a way around the following:

  1. I don’t see anything constructive from government on the horizon, let alone actually passing into law any time soon.
  2. I can’t imagine what politicians can do that would work, yet there IS much that voluntary groups like churches and fraternal organizations can do, and have done…that does indeed help.
  3. Article I Section 8, and the Tenth Amendment to the federal constitution really takes it out of my hands anyway. It’s mostly, and more properly, a state issue.
Do you support Donald Trump?

He’s not POTUS anymore, so I’m not sure why this is such a common question.  But OK…a little yes, and mostly no. 
That is, by the way, the same answer I’d give about President Biden, though, tellingly, nobody has asked me that one

I confess I do not like this sort of question, as it smacks of either demonization or idolatry, and we’re all human down here on earth.  Nobody’s all-good or all-evil.  It’s not wise to hitch your reputation on another’s.  And blind loyalty or close-minded hate is poison.

I’ve been all about our state and federal constitutions, as written, for the past quarter century.  That puts me on the opposite side of most politicians most of the time.  It’s dangerous for me to even say I “back” my favorite politicians, since we’re all human, and it’s wiser to put written agreements like constitutions above the whims of mortals.  

Donald Trump is a bull in a china shop.  We needed that.  We needed somebody to shake things up and make us question both the nature of our government, and our role in it.  That was good.  
And not everything he did was bad.  He did a few things right.  That, in itself, made him (sadly), a better-than-recent-average POTUS.

If you’ve got specific questions about when, how and why I support any politician, and when I don’t, please ask…and I’ll answer!  

But you might want to read the annotations I’ve made to the Constitution for the United States of America as an introduction to what I wholeheartedly support and defend – against all enemies – both foreign – and domestic.

Here’s my annotated Constitution for the United States of America

The “War on Drugs”

I’ve known too many people who’ve died from drug/ alcohol/ tobacco and even food abuse to be unsympathetic to the desire to prohibit things that are bad for you.

So I want to be very clear on this issue:

It’s not the prohibition of drugs themselves (COVID treatments as well as “street drugs”) that I want to fight. It’s the power to prohibit the consumption of anything at all, as long as you’re not hurting anybody but yourself.

Selling is a different matter. If you sell contaminated or deadly products (e.g., laced with fentanyl), oh yes that is a different matter.

But even in such cases where government intervention is warranted, the issue isn’t the safety or efficacy or any measure of desirability of some consumable thing. It’s the safety and efficacy of government itself that’s the real, demonstrable, currently urgent and historically catastrophic issue.

Quite like abortion, this is a horribly divisive, intensely personal issue.  But unlike abortion, this one is heavily intertwined with our military industry, foreign interventions, police forces, courts, pharmaceutical companies, “civil asset forfeiture,” lobbyists and political powerbrokers.  There is a LOT of money in this, and there are few in political office willing to give up this much power over people’s choices. 

I’ve never made this a campaign issue before, but for me, it’s pretty simple.  The War On Drugs is, at the very least, unconstitutional, incredibly expensive, a massive power-grab, and destructive to people’s lives over generations.   So if we’re serious about putting our government back on a leash, there’s really no question that we should end this destructive folly.

As we saw with COVID-19, the prohibitions, mandates, perks, punishments, subsidies and “sin taxes” change based on the emergency and fear du jour.  But the power to impose such things at our mutual cost has only been growing.
THAT is what I most want to stop.

What makes you any different, Andy?

Oh, I think it’ll soon be obvious that I’ve a very, very different vision, plan and purpose than the other job applicants.  But that’s not what this question’s usually about.  I rarely lose votes on ideology or policy.  It’s the tribal politics (“wasted vote syndrome,” “not a viable candidate,” and the worst, most self-defeating one, “You can’t make changes all at once.  You have to work within the system.“) that have turned people from alternative party and independent candidates until recently.
But OK, we’ve all been burned. It’s hard to tell the liars from the deceivers. There isn’t anything I could say that should make you trust me. Heck, I don’t trust me with too much power for too long; that’s part of the reason I want to go to DC, pass term limits, and then come back to my apolitical, remote, quiet little farm in Freedom.

But maybe this will help assure you that I mean what say, and that what I say really is different:

  1. I’m demonstrably all about cutting-down and leashing our government down to only it’s constitutional authority. My quarter-century of consistency can be tested by my public writingprotestslawsuitscampaigns and videos.  Some others are trying to pin the tail on the donkey, as it were.  Who’s the RINO, who’s the biggest spender, who raised taxes the most… None of that will stick to me.  I’ve also been submitting specific proposalsresolutions that demonstrate, in writing, what I’d do with legislative authority. None of the other candidates have been as specific.  None have been as consistent.  I doubt they’d dare be.  And I’ve strewn this site with decades-old stories and links to demonstrate that I HAVE NOT WAVERED in my pursuit of a leashed government by constitutional rule of law.
  2. I am the ONLY candidate offering anything different from the usual fear-aggression-syndrome politics.   Only I am all about peace, commerce and friendly suspicion with all nations, entangling alliances with none.  I’m the only candidate meaning to stand down our global and domestic nannying, nagging, bullying and killing, and build a genuinely strong and prepared defensive and rights and property-protective force.   I am certainly the only candidate wanting freedom for individuals, by enforcing written, hard limits for government.  I am the only candidate who’d actually cut both taxes…and spending!   
  3. I’ve sacrificed a LOT to run against the Powers That Be. I proved I was well-able to succeed within the existing power structures, but I saw the corruption and want no part of it.
Immigration and “Open Borders”

This subject deserves a serious rethink.  I think we’ve been asking and answering the wrong questions. 

I am certain we’ve been deceived on the issues of immigration and illegal aliens:

  • We’re luring foreigners here with free stuff. Free healthcare. Free education. Special rights, privileges and immunities unavailable to even legal citizens.  I propose we stop doing this.
  • We’ve made “legal” labor so expensive, complicated, legalistic and impractical that “illegal” labor is a very attractive option, or sometimes the only workable option.  I propose we reverse this.
  • We’ve made legal immigration an ever-changing, unpredictable, complex, costly endeavor of doubtful outcome.  Our absurd immigration laws and policies force illegal aliens to lay low, force employers to keep secrets and break laws, and generally force the realities of illegal aliens under the rug.  I propose we make our immigration laws and policies fair, consistent, and focused on our domestic security, health and interests…and then just enforce them!
  • We’ve been tormenting and destroying other nations with our “War On Drugs”, CIA crime rings and coups, oppressive policies/embargoes and direct attacks, such that We The People have, both directly and indirectly, made several nations corrupt, embattled and poor.  I propose we stop doing all this.
  • If you know you live in a terrible country and want a better life, you’d be a fool not to find a way here, where you’ll find life better than you’ve ever known. Right?
  • However, I am opposed to the truly “open borders” rhetoric of too many who, in my opinion, have not thought through the needs of property rights, jurisdictional limits, national security and public health.  The flow of disease and Chinese-supplied fentanyl across the southern border should be enough to make us want to at least monitor who and what comes into our homes.
Why don’t you have more money?

Yes, people really ask me this.  I’m not making this up.  “Why don’t you just raise more money?”  “Why don’t you just start a PAC?” They might as well ask why I’m not a multimillionaire and part of the system of corruption.  Why, in other words, am I not a rich guy with a lot of spare time and willing to sell-out?

Perhaps a better question is, “why do elections cost so much?”

The answer is here (https://www.kokomotribune.com/opinion/horning-killing-corruption/article_5b26402e-f565-5848-a661-3b9c2ac653ad.html).
But the solution to the corruption and destruction mentioned in the article is much, much simpler:  Use your vote as a weapon against the status quo.  Vote away the anti-constitutional, immoral, inherently divisive, destructive, self-appointed “Two Party System,” and all the lobbyists, permanent partisan staffers, fund bundlers, puppet masters and kingmakers that go with them.
One good start that I’d like to suggest is that you…
Vote for me!

Do you have more questions?  Please ask!

I’d be happy to answer. But maybe you should ask me in person, and interrupt me when I go on for too long.

Govern your government.  Let me help.