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My wife designed and built that chicken/garden complex! (not finished yet)

I’m very comfortable on my little farm.  My wife is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I’ve got wonderful children who make me proud.  I’ve got more hobbies than is reasonable.  My “day job” is undeniably cool – I’ve been involved in the development and implementation of very high-tech, leading-edge medical technology for decades.

My daughter, me, and my friend Daren pickin’ and…well, I don’t see anybody grinnin’ at my pickin. Hmmm.

I certainly don’t need the aggravation of running for office; particularly when people keep talking about “odds” and “working within the system.”


I was certainly “politicking” here…
Yet I don’t deny the label, “politician” as do other political candidates. Instead, I want to give it a better meaning.

Politics ought to be the noble art of getting along with everybody in peace, commerce, prosperity, security and freedom.  Politician should not be an invective.

I’ve been politically active for decades, so it’s very easy to find out a lot about me, personally, and what I’ve done as an authoractivist, columnist, educator and candidate.   Of course, ask me what you want to know if you don’t see it here, on my blog site, or elsewhere.  

This looks like politicking, too.
FREEDOM is worth fighting for!

We should be living so much better than we are!  

I “fight the system” because I don’t want to leave my kids a nation impoverished and degraded by tribal crony corruption and cultural/moral collapse with crushing inflation and debt.  

Oh, and of course, World War III is now a real possibility…

History and current events everywhere prove that governing government by written laws and the principles of individual liberty, personal property, and non-aggression/laissez-faire cooperation and trade, make people more prosperous, more secure, more sociable, and …happier!

SOMEBODY has to do this, right?  Too few try.  Too few care.  But the good news is that it doesn’t take “the masses” to fix all this.  

The passionate few have always determined how societies work.  And in a three-way race, we need only about a third of voters to snap out of our tribalism, rampant disinformation and outright lies to make new choices, in order to change our course back toward Prosperity, Equality, Security and Freedom. 

And the signs are great!  I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been.  The Libertarians have won only a dozen in office in Indiana as of 2020.  But Donald Rainwater got 12%, and polled much higher before the election, in his bid for Indiana Governor.  And in 2021’s off-year election, Pennsylvania got over 144 Libertarians in office.  

I can see why nobody but a Libertarian would tell you that there are hundreds of Libertarians in elected office…right now. It’d be bad news for those who make their living from deceit and corruption. But the truth is that this turn from the status quo crony network is something new …from voters!

44th annual Strassenfest Parade in Jasper

Voters are turning away from bad habits, bad information and bad results.  Significant numbers of voters are finally starting to match their rhetoric and actions on Election Day.
This is GREAT NEWS!!!  

You really CAN vote against all the money and corruption that you’ve always known about, and for something proven to work – by taking off your own leash and putting it on your government.

My friends, I know what our loudest voices say about the “odds.”  You’d expect them to trash-talk their enemies.

But YOU make the odds with your vote.  It’s a choice.  

Your choice.   

And we really, really do NOT want the the kingmakers’ “odds” to win again…

Don’t let incumbents re-hire themselves.  The point of elections was never to hire politicians anyway.  It was to fire them.

Let our Election Day work as our founders intended – a day of serious choices, and, when necessary (as now certainly is), PEACEFUL REVOLUTION!

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