Andrew Horning for US Senate

Indiana’s federal representation is, and has been for some time, terrible. Worse, the inherently divisive, corrupt and unconstitutional “Two Party System” our founders warned us against is tearing us apart from the top-down in what I think we all know is a corrupt puppet show with global puppet masters. Our citizens are divided against and contemptuous of each other! We all know that the two private organizations called the Democratic and Republican Parties have SOLD US OUT! 

Hemorrhaging transgenerational debts are coming due, just as inflation is tearing into our security and standard of living, and our once-precious rights and freedoms, the ones that once made our nation special, have become little more than conditional illusions. 

Yes, we have serious foreign threats. China has been waging a clever, patient war against us since at least 2012, and we’re losing. We’ve been waging a proxy war against Russia for generations, and we’re losing that, too (we’re harming ourselves in the proxy Ukrainian war more than we’re harming Russia). But we have no external threats as great as this one:

Our government is corrupt and out of control.

But you have the power to change everything in a single day.  Your vote is a weapon of change. 

The whole point of elections is the opportunity for peaceful revolution.  

You can have Peace, Prosperity, Security, Justice and Individual Liberty at long last.

That’s what our constitutions were intended to ensure, but we never even tried to use the state and federal constitutions correctly. We can finally make the best political dreams of history come true. We have the numbers, we have the will. But we’ve been wasting our votes, and power, and hopes…on what we all know just isn’t working.

It’s your choice. That’s the whole point of elections.

Govern your government.  Let me help.

If you’d like to know more about what sort of lawmaker I’d be… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BJ46CHG5